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Book Houses in Ongole

Book House in Ongole

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

AC and Refrigeration Repair Works in Ongole

A/c and Refrigeration Installation and repair works

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Function Halls in Ongole

Function Halls in Ongole

To Know Ongole Function Halls info

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Xerox, Internet, DTP in Ongole

Xerox-Internet | DTP in Ongole

  • List Of DTP Shops In Ongole.
  • Sudent Project works, 
  • Logo Design Works,
  • Flex design works

Multi Colour Design works.Xeorox Shops,Photostat 

Ongole Directory Of Photo Studios

Ongole Photo Studios Directory

To Know info about Ongole Photo Studios
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Ongole Inverters

Ongole Directory Of Inverters

To know info about Ongole Inverter Shops

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Electronic Shops In Ongole

Electronic Shops in Ongole
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Ongole Theatres

Ongole Theaters
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Dental Clinics in Ongole

Dental Clinics in Ongole

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Ongole Eye Hospitals

Ongole Eye Hospitals

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Eye Hospitals Click Here...

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Ongole Cloths Garments

Ongole Cloths Garments 

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Ongole Medical Shops

Emergency - Medical Shops| Ongole District

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Ongole Medical Shops Information Click Here

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చేజర్ల గ్రామం

చేజర్ల గ్రామం ఒంగోలు మండలం  పరిధి లో ఉంది.
ఒంగోలు కి   దాదాపు 16 కిలో మీటర్ ల దూరం లో చే�
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కరవది గ్రామం

కరవది గ్రామం ప్రకాశం జిల్లా లోని ఒంగోలు మండలం పరిది లో ఉన్నది. More...


Ongole is Prakasam District Head Quarter.
Ongole District was named as Prakasam District on 12 May 1972, in memory of the great patriot and Andhra Leader, Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu.

Ongole History:
Ongole was known ae Vangalaprolu, Vangavolu and Vangolu After The Surname of an Astrologer in The Court of an Addanki Chief More..